Meet The Crew: Casey Kiger

The tire man. That is how Casey Kiger describes himself.


1. What is your role on the crew?

I’m the tire guy…I make sure whatever tire pressures or staggers jonboy wants is right and ready for practice, qualifying, and race. I treat those tires like my they’re my kids….no one messes with em! Tires are a huge key factor in racing…very important and a huge responsibility. I feel privileged for him to trust me and my judgment to handle tires.

2. At what point did you get in to racing/become a racing fan?

I’ve been into racing with my dad since I was little….taking me to race museums and to the speedway every chance we got. I was/am a big Richard Petty fan. I have been going to the stadium for close to the last decade…but as a crew member for the last 5 years. I love ANY type of racing…from modifieds to racing handicapped motor scooters in Walmart back in the day…I’ll race just about anything!

3. How did you link up with the Jonathan Brown crew?

I actually got invited to help out his brother bobo last year in the sportsman division…then through him I met jonboy who only raced off and on randomly last year until this year full time when he dubbed me to be his tire guy..we’ve been good buddies on and off the track ever since.

4. When you are not at the race track, what are you doing?

When I’m not at the track I’m either at the shop working on Harley’s or at the motocross track ripping up dirt…I don’t drink or smoke so going out isn’t my thing…some good pizza and a cruise on a Harley is my fix.


Meet The Crew: Tony White

Jonathan Brown doesn’t race every Saturday night alone. It takes a team of people to work on the car, get the car ready and make everything fall in to place. Who are those folks? We’re going to introduce them to you. Meet Tony White!

Tony White – The only one in Red 
1. What exactly is your role on the team? 
Spotter, but I help prepare the car and make sure people are doing what they need to be doing in the garage area. We really don’t have any one person over another, everyone just knows what their job is and they do it.
2. How did you link up with the Jonathan Brown Racing team? 

I used to spot for a sportsman driver, Jeff Garrison. Long story short, Jonathan and I just became friends at the race track.  In 2009,  I got him a ride in a Whelen Modified Tour event. That was during the filming of The Madhouse. In 2010, I became his full time spotter. Since then, he hasn’t always raced full time. I still spot for other driver’s but, have made Jon Boy a priority this year.

We’ve raced everywhere together, Ace, Caraway, Bowman Gray. Since, 2010, I have spotted for him almost every win, if not, every win.

3. How long has racing been a passion for you? 
My whole life. My parents and aunt and uncle took me to Bowman Gray when I was a kid, since I was 4 years. So I’ve always been a Bowman Gray fan. One time I even rode 15 miles on my 10 speed to make a race. My dad didn’t believe I was going until I called him from a pay phone to come and get me. I was a big Ralph Brinkley fan. He was an 8 time-modified champion.

There was a sportsman driver at the time, he was actually our neighbor. His name was Bill Wilder. His car number was 71. It was a Pontiac Ventura, and it was the first race race car I ever touched.
My dad used to work at Peace Haven Speedway, It was open from the mid 40s to 1955. All of the old legends raced there. Junior Johnson and the Lee Pettys of the world. My dad also sold auto parts and anyone who had anything to do with auto parts knew my dad.

When I worked at FLOW Chevrolet. A guy moved form Connecticut to NC to crew on the Junior Miller team. That same guy convinced me to come work on Junior’s car from 1994-96.

I also worked at Richard Childress Racing, in the parts department from 1998 – 2008 . So you could say I have always been around racing and motorsports in some form or fashion my whole life.